About Dhaka Garden

Why are the best in the community.

Dhaka garden is the best Bangladeshi Restaurant in Jackson Heights, the heart of Bangladesh Community in New York. Dhaka garden has been ruling Jackson Heights since 2013.

Dhaka Garden is now one of the best Bangladeshi Restaurants in the area a tribute perhaps to their belief in good customer service, a comfortable environment, and above all excellent premium quality fresh produce which is replenished daily.

Our Menu is thoughtfully devised by our award renowned chef. Using specialist ingredients and authentic spices, we offer modern and traditional Bangladeshi Restaurant, ensuring each dish contains distinctive flavour.

All our mouth-watering dishes from the appetizers to the main courses are made by our master chef. The restaurant ambient with charming staff, discreet service and tantalising dishes that few can compete with, ensures guests to come back for more.

Our aim is to bring the best in Bangladeshi cuisine, excellent service, value for money and a full dining experience.

Stay Satisfied

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Dining room at Dhaka Garden is a special decorated room with arts. It is perfect eat-in Restaurant in town.

In order to make it easier and quicker to create the perfectly balanced menu, we have put together menus which you can choose from. Or you can create your own by mixing & matching dishes from them. The menus range offer a fabulous selection. Its friendly outlook, homely service, great atmosphere are reasons customers return time and again to enjoy the amazing curries served by the Master Chef. Visit now and treat your friends and family to the wonders of Dhaka Garden, rest assured you will enjoy fresh, premium quality, wholesome food at what can only be described as best place for Bangladeshi food lovers.

We are specialize in supply food in Catering services. We have a distinct understanding of the way in which a working relationship operates among two parties and also understand and acknowledge all foods needed to run a successful catering event. We assure all of our clients that from us they can expect reliable and efficient catering services resulting in an event which is enjoyable and successful.

Our goal is to ensure that all our customers’ needs are met and that we offer them only the best standards of food, service and value. Guests can rely on us to ensure their special day, whether it’s a dream wedding, corporate event, birthday or anniversary function or any other occasion that requires a professional and reliable touch goes faultlessly well.