• alubhaji800

    alu bhaji $3.00

    Thin slices of potato cook with onion and green chili.

  • chana800

    chana dal $3.00

    Lentil cooked in creamy sauce and spiced.

  • labra800

    vegetable labra $4.00

    Variety of fresh vegetable cooked with fine spices.

  • omlet800

    egg omelette (plain) $3.00

    Finely egg fried.

  • omlet-veg800

    egg omelette (vegetable) $3.50

    Egg fried with onion and green chilly.

  • shuji halwa $3.00

    Semolina cooked with sugar and flavored with cinnamon and butter.

  • paya2

    paya $7.00

  • paratha800

    parata – plain $2.00

    Butter layered crisp bread.

  • chapati800

    chapati / roti $1.50

    Thin bread baked in pan.

  • nan800

    naan $1.00

    Flat bread baked in clay oven.